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Strategic Impact Based in Reality


How I Can Help You

Gold shoes on a pink background. Because if you guy gold shoes you must have a strategy!
Strategic Engagement

This personalized strategic planning engagement puts the focus on your community's wants and needs, makes room for innovation while designing your future, and stays rooted in your organization's mission and vision.


Outcome: clarity of your vision for impact & a"living" strategic plan

Pricing determined after conversation
Large green leaf sitting in water in a vase. Because you're going to need some form of Project Development plan to propogate a tree by putting one of its leaves in water!
Strategy Implementation Support

Using the principles of intent listening, thoughtful prioritization, and iterative testing, I will help demystify how to implement your strategic plan to get to the impact you are looking to have in your community.

Outcome: a customized solution to implement your strategic plan

Pricing determined after conversation
Whole and halved lemons on a white background. Have you ever made lemonade? Process improvement is key so you don't spill lemon juice all over the floor.
Strategic Impact Coaching

We work together to maximize the value of every touchpoint you have with your community stakeholders. You learn how to spend time on the things that drive impact. Prioritize to amplify your impact.

Outcome: New skills and frameworks for prioritizing your work and *quickly* testing ideas.

Pricing determined after conversation
Fern Plant
Targeted: 1-hour or 5-day Design Sprint Facilitation

Tell me about the challenges and pain points you need solutions for right now!

I offer a standard 1-hour meeting facilitation or a facilitated 5-day Design Sprint.


1-hour Meeting Outcome: I will help your team do a deep-dive on one critical initiative. You will leave with a strategy and action steps for making progress on your initiative.  


5-day Design Sprint Outcome: I will help your team define a weighty challenge,

find a solution, build a prototype, and test with real customers in 5 days.

Process designed by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures.

Pricing determined after conversation


I'm a leader who cares about the end result

  • Invigorated stakeholders

  • Attainable visions

  • Intelligent processes

  • Improved value from each customer touchpoint

Key to all my engagements

  • Listening to stakeholders

  • Encouraging invention, brainstorming, big ideas

  • Prioritizing those ideas in the context of your reality

  • Crafting an actionable plan that is believable

SAMPLE Clients

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